Saturday, October 25, 2014

It's early on Saturday morning, the cats got me up to feed them, and as I prepare for a busy "weekend" (it's really not an "end" is it?), I am considering that sometimes, even when it seems that there is really just "too much to do", it all works out. I am drawn to pray that people's hearts will be filled the "heart of the matter" - real love for God and for each other. 

I will miss those who don't make it to church, again, this Sunday. I will rejoice with those who do. I hope that some who have not been with us recently will reappear, and that all of us continue to be the extravagantly welcoming people that we are. 

YOU"RE INVITED - please come!

I rejoice that we will be welcoming new members in a few weeks (November 16th). Interested in joining? We'd love to have you become a part of things at Bethel. Here is a page with some info about UCC/Bethel membership (click), Check it out - and contact me. Click here to email.

Yes - a busy weekend. It will require lots of energy from me - There's a symphony rehearsal, a brass ensemble rehearsal, a memorial service, and a fundraising Spaghetti Dinner for our "Furry Friends Pet Food Bank" - and that'a all on Saturday! (Sunday brings choir rehearsal, worship service, fellowship, council meeting, and more....)

I pray for energy, endurance, and peace throughout it all - for me, and for you. And I pray that all will rejoice and participate in their own portions of all the energetic events...

Peace, everyone - see you soon. 

By the way - here's some cat pics for your enjoyment...

And here's my coffee...(I wish - I actually have just one cup at the ready...)

:-) - see you all soon!