Monday, December 7, 2015

I shared this with my congregation after Paris - and I share it again today.

So what can I do? 

I may not have the power of political leaders to make the decisions that will change the world.

If nothing else, what is in my power is to send out this spirit of love and peace from my heart to the world. 

To pray that those who need comfort will feel comfort it. Those who feel lonely and isolated will feel the presence of the God and the knowledge that we do care what happens to them. Those who feel conflict and hate will be touched by the spirit and have their hearts opened to love and peace. And that those in power will make inspired peaceful decisions.

So where is God in all of this? 

God is in you, opening your eyes and heart to understand and share in the love and peace that is offered. 

God is in the humanity you feel and express to those whose lives are in turmoil. 

God is in the humanity shown to refugees and those living in fear and pain. 

God is in the prayers that you share that hatred will be transformed into love. 

God is in the people who stand up and say “Not in my name.” 

God is in the response of each of us, if we so choose.

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